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BYSTRUP is the only company in the world specializing in power pylon design.
With our 15 years of practice in the field, we have comprehensive experience in designing, developing and realising innovative power pylon projects. We work with global transmission companies and use our technical know-how, years of profound experience, and ingenuity to create solutions that increase outcome for our clients.

BYSTRUP: Providers of fully optimized power pylons
Our power pylons have been optimized in every aspect:

  • They minimize costs
  • They are sustainable because of their 100 year lifespan
  • They are quickly erected. We ensure an accelerated planning and implementation period – erecting a pylon a day
  • They have a simple and elegant design – pylons that blend into the landscape
  • They provide reduced EMF
  • They are easy to transport. We ensure easy transportation in inaccessible areas
  • They have a monopole design which is not possible to vandalize or climb

Using our solutions, it is possible to obtain a 100 year lifespan of the pylons, with a minimum of maintenance. Due to the monopile foundation, implementation can be done faster and with a minimum footprint compared to standard lattice towers. The pylons are simple and elegant and are designed to blend into the landscape.

Our turn key consulting approach enables us to meet any specifications, to modify one of our existing pylons, or design an entirely new one. We work with manufacturers of your choice to build a prototype or the entire line. Alternatively, we can appoint one from previous projects. All this can be accomplished within 18-36 months depending on the project arrangement.


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BYSTRUP Power Pylons
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