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BWT holds strong skills in advanced water treatment. We deliver both production of standardized systems and offer production of customised large-scale projects.

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Maersk Peregrino is the most expensive and advanced vessel ever built by Maersk. It is a floating oil refinery supporting the surrounding oil platforms in the Atlantic.

In addition to providing a desalination plant, BWT designed and installed a complete multiple-stage water treatment system to meet the specific needs of the vessel. The desalinated water is used partly as drinking water for the 100-man crew and partly as feed-water for the 2nd and 3rd stages of water treatment such as reverse osmosis and electrodeionsation. The result is ultra-pure water suitable for boilers and steam turbines. Other BWT customers in the offshore and petrol-chemical industry include Iranian Offshore, Statoil, Shell, DFDS cruise, etc.

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