Public water in the Seychelles and Maldives is desalinated water

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BWT holds strong skills in advanced water treatment. We deliver both production of standardized systems and offer production of customised large-scale projects.

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All public water supplied in the Seychelles is desalinated water. The Public Utilities Corporation operates four waterworks, supplying drinking water to more than 80,000 inhabitants and 200,000 visitors. BWT has installed seawater desalination plants in all local waterworks. The four desalination systems combined produce 13,000 m3 of clean drinking water per day.

The Malé Water & Sewerage Company in the Maldives provides clean, safe drinking water to the 100,000 inhabitants of the capital city, Malé, as well as large numbers of tourists. The water utility takes great pride in serving the public with a modern, sustainable water infrastructure. BWT systems are used to desalinate seawater and produce 11,000 m3 of clean drinking water every day.

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