Container Based Seawater Desalination Systems

Highly energy-efficient membrane technology
Best Water Technology Denmark (BWT) are experts in seawater desalination and have more than 30 years experience in engineering, producing and installing desalination systems and customised water treatment solutions for all kinds of applications. All BWT’s membrane desalination systems are produced at our production facility in Denmark. Our experienced service engineering team, who are used to carrying out installations at remote locations, can provide on-site support.

BWT supports customers with:

  • Worldwide on-site service  
  • Fast delivery, meeting customers’ requirements and expectations
  • Professional project management, start-up assistance and supervision

Membrane desalination systems with the following benefits:

  • Superior water quality through the use of novel, quality membrane technology
  • Low energy consumption through the most up-to-date energy recovery systems for recovering energy from the flow of concentrate
  • Low operation costs through the efficient use of the latest generation of low-pressure membranes
  • Energy consumption of: < 2 kW/m3
  • Reliable operation from durable, high-quality components produced to the highest production standards
  • Easy operation, thanks to the control systems developed by BWT, offering web integration for remote supervision, monitoring and control
  • Service-friendly plant design
  • Plug & Play container-based systems with a capacity range of 100 – 1,500 m3 per day
  • Customised desalination systems with a capacity of up to 30,000 m3 per day

Minimum installation times and thorough testing procedures
All desalination systems are completely prefabricated at our facilities in Denmark. This reduces the time needed for installation on site and ensures that the plant operates in accordance with specifications; every system is tested via the simulation of real operational conditions before leaving the factory. Customers are always welcome to join us while the plant is being tested.

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BWT holds strong skills in advanced water treatment. We deliver both production of standardized systems and offer production of customised large-scale projects.

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