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BWT holds strong skills in advanced water treatment. We deliver both production of standardized systems and offer production of customised large-scale projects.

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Up 80 % lower water consumption. Up to 60 % lower salt consumption. 5 times better water quality

Softener with up 80 % lower water consumption, 60 % lower salt consumption and 5 times better water quality

Tulip Food Company installed an industrial softening plant from BWT. The HVD softening plant has a capacity of 50 m3 water per hour. In comparison to more conventional water softening systems, the BWT solution is characterised by:

  • Up to 80 % lower water consumption
  • Up to 60 % lower salt consumption
  • 5 times better water quality

Tulip replaced a more traditional softening plant with the BWT solution. The result is annual savings of 5,000 m3 water and 100 tonnes of salt. Salt for regeneration was earlier delivered every six weeks, but now the delivery is only every five months. The return-on-investment was just 18 months, despite low prices of salt and a water hardness level of only 13 °dH (German hardness).

The Tulip Food Company is a modern food processing company that exports to more than 80 countries worldwide.

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