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BWSC is a world-leading provider and operator of turnkey power plants, based on a wide variety of advanced technologies using traditional or dry/wet biomass fuels.

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Multifuel concept – an efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions

In 2008 BWSC (then BWE) was awarded a contract from Ørsted for the design, supply, erection and commissioning of 4 burners for pulverized biomass (wood pellets) inclusive of pulverized fuel piping and the necessary modifications of the primary and secondary air systems at Herning Power Plant in Denmark.

The installation took place during the summer outage of 2009 and the commissioning was completed by the end of 2009. The BWE Boiler was originally supplied in 1982 as a coal fired unit, then in 2002 a bio grate firing system was installed at the plant, enabling firing of wood chips. After the 2009 conversion the boiler is now able to fire a total of 240 MW from biomass reducing the CO2 emissions of the plant by 325,000 tons pr. year compared to 100% coal firing.

Following the successful supply of burners for pulverized biomass to Ørsted’s Avedøre Power Plant Unit 2 in 2002 and Vattenfall’s Amager Power Plant Unit 1 in 2008, the contract established BWE Boilers’ leading market position within this segment.

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