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BWSC is a world-leading provider and operator of turnkey power plants, based on a wide variety of advanced technologies using traditional or dry/wet biomass fuels.

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The BWSC bio dust burner has a very advanced, efficient and robust design for the combustion of bio dust from pellets.

Inspection, service and wear parts requirements are very low – all contributing to an economical and reliable operation.

We recommend to install burners in connection with a general update of the entire firing and feeding system.

​Technical Specifications
The burner is designed especially for the specific plant – both for new plants and for the retrofit of all burner configurations: Front Wall, Boxer or Corner firing.

The capacity of the burner ranges from 15 to 100 MW. Based on the customers’ requirements, the burner can be equipped with a gas lance or an oil lance. The burner is multiply controlled to obtain a stable flame, an optimum flame shape and low emissions. Furnace near parts are made of ultra high temperature resistant alloys and cast steels.


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