Brunata serves Denmark and approx. 20 other countries in Europe with metering systems that provide savings and fair allocation of individual consumption of heating, water and more. Founded in our measurements, we support sustainable behavior and sustainable buildings through services that provide relevant and actionable information for our customers. Our data shows that individual measuring and information about consumption brings about 10-40 % savings at property level. We have our customer at the center of everything we do and are dedicated to developing services that can optimize the use of energy resources and indoor climate for our residents and make it easier for our professional customers like building administrators and energy consultants to carry out their job.

Our business is based on accurate measurements, automatic data collection via remote reading, online presentations of data, monitoring and alert setting, and making correct billings at the agreed time. Further Brunata has a dedication to developing smarter solutions for a more sustainable future and are placing a strong focus on service innovation involving customers.

Brunata is a Danish company and has almost 100 years’ experience of measuring and billing consumption of energy resources. We manufacture our heat cost allocator in Denmark and are approximately 200 employees in Denmark and as many in the rest of the world. The Brunata organization span a broad range within product development, service innovation, manufacturing, installation, billing, finance, export, marketing and HR.

Brunata is certified according to ISO 9001 and environmentally certified according to the rules in DS/EN ISO 14001.

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