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Energy efficiency is one of the greatest challenges of our times and for district energy, BROEN delivers a ready solution to the question of how to meet the globally rising demand for energy efficiency.

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BROEN Ballomax® with double bearing valve ball securing effective shut-off and correct flow.

Kronborg Castle – effective control in the 1420s
From time immemorial the Kronborg Fortress located just outside Elsinore controlled the ships passing through the Sound and protected the infrastructure and values of the Danish kingdom to ensure that no enemy ships passed through the Sound and that correct tax was paid for passage.

Identically the heating supply in Elsinore in 2017 is a central element in today’s infrastructure and must operate optimally to ensure that the large quantities of hot water circulated daily are used, where the heat is required – and not lost en route.

Green transition and renovation
Forsyning Helsingør, the local public utilities company in Elsinore, is planning to renovate district heating and make it future-proof. A reliable solution at competitive prices is requested, a solution also supporting the green transition from 2019 – this is both a local target and a national issue.

Forsyning Helsingør – the peak load station remains an asset.
In the spring of 2017 Forsyning Helsingør had four new BROEN Ballomax® DN500 Trunnion valves with DBB outlet valves welded into the existing power station (all four valves are 150°C / PN25).

Two BROEN Ballomax® valves function as main shut-off valves between the new biomass plant and the combined heat and power station. Two other BROEN Ballomax® valves with AUMA gear function as bypass valves, that can direct the supply pipe water from the biomass plant into the steam boiler for further heating, if the temperature is not sufficiently high, before it is circulated to the users. With a maximum flow capacity of 2,400m3/h, temperatures of up to 120°C and a pressure of up to 25 bar, it is important that the valves function correctly.

Forsyning Helsingør has chosen to renovate the combined heat and power station with a sustainable fuel in the form of wooden chips. The existing station will be upgraded to function as a reliable peak load station and the components must also here function safely and optimally. Therefore BROEN Ballomax® valves have been chosen with functionalities providing additional reliability as a non-planned shut-down would be a disaster. Great importance has been attached to buying from a proven supplier, that backs up his product – and that will also be around tomorrow.

BROEN Ballomax® Trunnion with Double Block and Bleed
Valves fitted with a relief valve – popularly called a ”tell-tale valve” – ensure, that the chamber between the ball and the body can be completely emptied, so that it is possible to ascertain, if the valve closes 100% tightly – hence the name Double Block and Bleed

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