New report shows enormous potential for hydrogen and PtX-solutions

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Hydrogen Denmark represents all Danish stakeholders in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells and works to increase the role of hydrogen in the green transition.

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By Hydrogen Denmark, October 12, 2020

Hydrogen Denmark has published the report "Renewable Energy 2.0 - Hydrogen and PtX-Strategy", showing a Danish roadmap on how to establish a hydrogen economy.

The report is written by Hydrogen Denmark in an effort to show all Danish and international stakeholders, how both hydrogen and PtX-technologies hold immense potential for the future. Both in terms of boosting the green transition and to obtain the goal of a 70% reduction of green house gasses in 2030, but also as a means to increase export of innovational Danish technological solutions in the field of hydrogen and PtX, as well as to create new, green jobs in the process.

The main findings of the report include:

  • Up to 53.000 new, Danish jobs in 2030
  • Up to 84 billion Danish crowns worth of export of green energy
  • Between 180-315 Danish crowns worth of European investments until 2030 in electrolysers
  • Between 1.350-3.525 Danish crowns worth of export of Danish energy technology until 2050

You can read the entire report at (in Danish)

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