A special drum press from Bramidan keeps the Arctic free from waste.

At the Zackenberg Research Station in Northeast Greenland winter temperatures fall to as low as -40°C. To protect the vulnerable Arctic environment, waste material must be removed before the beginning of the long, dark winter months, during which the station is closed.

The area is largely undeveloped, particularly in terms of infrastructure. This means that provisions must be flown in on a small airplane – and waste materials must be flown out. The price for this is measured per volume and weight.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective

Uncompressed oil drums with their noxious gases pose a threat to the research facility and to the environment and cannot be left unattended during the winter. However, flying out large oil drums aboard a small 400 kg capacity plane can be very expensive.

Customized solution from Bramidan

The drum press from Bramidan is used to compress both empty oil drums as well as drums with non-combustible waste inside. The compressed drums are then flown to a supply ship and shipped back to Denmark.

Compressed oil drums are not only cheaper to fly out. Drums without waste inside also become metal waste that can be sold for money to profit the continuous research and preservation of the Arctic.

Minimal harm to the environment

With the help of Bramidan, all waste is now removed from the research station and the surrounding environment is harmed as little as possible.

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Ina Jørgensen

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