Cosmetics manufacturer take responsibility for their waste

With Bramidan's solutions, Cosmeva ups strict waste recovery policies

To strengthen its policy for waste recovery and waste valuation, the manufacturer of cosmetic products, Cosmeva, invested in seven Bramidan balers.

The production generates large quantities of used cardboard and plastic daily. Two byproducts that must be carefully separated to be recyclable. This process requires extra attention and adds unprofitable hours to the workload.

Green waste sorting

To make the handling of their recyclable materials more efficient, Cosmeva invested in seven vertical balers from Bramidan.

With the balers, Cosmeva makes sure that even more materials are properly recycled. The balers are placed at the production lines with the highest throughput. This means that the sorting of materials can be done directly at the waste source and requires no additional work – and no recyclable materials are wasted.

Carbon dioxide emissions reduced

From an environmental point of view, the vertical balers make it possible to reduce carbon emissions due to the reduction in waste collections. The bales are stored and collected only once a week by full loads instead of several times a week.

Recycling is cost-efficient

The balers efficiently compact production by-products into high density bales that are easy to dispose for recycling. In addition, they take up little space and save many hours of work, which means more space and time dedicated to production. The selective sorting has also enabled Cosmeva to increase the value of their cardboard waste with 100 pct.

Bramidan’s solutions have helped streamline the process of recycling throughout the company – and even made it profitable.

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