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Cleaning products manufacturer, Method Home, advances recycling goals with two Bramidan balers

Chicago-based manufacturer of eco-friendly household cleaning products, Method Home, is deeply dedicated to resource preservation throughout the entire production process. Their factory, popularly duped the Soapbox, is powered by a 70-meter-high wind turbine and solar panels.

Zero landfill

Method Home has vowed to send zero waste to landfill and never to profit from their recycling operations.

To help achieve their zero landfill goal, Home Method acquired two Bramidan B30 Wide balers to handle the large quantities of recyclable cardboard and PET bottles generated on the factory floor.

The balers make handling of recyclables much easier and help Home Method ensure that no recyclable material goes to waste – and ends up in landfill.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Before having the balers, Method Home filled containers with cardboard waste and PET bottles and shipped them by truck. This process was very inefficient because they were essentially shipping air – in the form of very bulky but lightweight truckloads.

With the help of Bramidan, the number of waste pick-ups has been reduced by a third. Fewer waste pick-ups mean fewer trucks on the roads – a direct environmental benefit.

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