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Take responsibility for your waste – for a leaner and cleaner environment

Responsible waste handling is crucial to protect our natural resources. Waste can contain materials that makes sense to recycle. Recycling more materials means that forests and natural resources are preserved.

For 40 years, Bramidan has developed and perfected machines for handling recyclable materials. Using our technologies, packaging or production waste is now easier to recycle than ever before.

We produce vertical balers and compactors for compacting expansive and bulky materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, plastic bottles, and wooden crates. Compaction is a sensible and cost-efficient way to handle recyclable waste.

Benefits of using our solutions

  • Recycling becomes much more manageable. Less time is required for sorting waste, because it can be done directly at the waste source. This means improved internal work flows and leaner working environments.
  • Storing and transporting recyclables is more efficient. A waste bale takes up very little space. This means that storage required for waste is minimized. It also means that fewer waste collections are required. Fewer collections mean fewer trucks on the roads and subsequently a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Recycling is cost-efficient. Easy waste sorting saves work hours. Expenses for waste collections are reduced – and bales can be sold to recycling companies for a profit.
  • Recycling saves energy and resources. When more materials are recycled, energy is saved on processing new materials. E.g. manufacturing cardboard products from recycled material rather than virgin fibers, saves trees, and uses up to 99 pct. less water and up to 50 pct. less energy in production. Producing plastic products from recycled materials saves 66 pct. of the energy compared to using new materials.

We help our customers achieve the highest levels of sustainability

Founded in 1975, we are experts in recycling and waste handling solutions. Today, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of machines and equipment for recyclable waste with more than 55.000 installations worldwide. Every day, our solutions make a difference on the global waste handling agenda.

Bramidan has 105 employees, of which 85 work at the head office in Denmark. All vertical balers are developed and produced in Denmark.

We have sales departments in Holland, Poland, France, Norway, and the USA and a global network of 45 distributors.

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