Kalby wind turbines

Bornholm’s mid-Baltic location makes it the perfect place to exploit wind energy. At present, the island has 35 wind turbines with a total capacity of 30 MW. Twenty-four percent of the energy used on Bornholm comes from the island’s wind turbines – covering 33% of the electricity use alone.

Three of the island’s 35 wind turbines are located in Kalby. The Kalby wind turbines are owned by the local power utility Østkraft and are state-of-the-art solutions within wind power technology. The wind turbines are 100-metre tall with 60-metre towers.In 2008 the Kalby turbines generated a total of 15,835 MWh and supplied 4,000 Bornholm households with electricity. This amounts to a savings of 7,100 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Wind energy is an extremely important source of renewable energy on Bornholm – and a resource we have plenty of. Serious efforts are being made to increase the number of wind turbines and generate more wind energy for the power grid. Special focus is being brought to bear on developing a system where electric cars are supplied with electricity generated by wind turbinesVisit us for an overview of the use of and future technological development and possibilities inherent in wind energy on Bornholm.

Technical Specifications

  • Three Vestas V80-2.0 MW – Rotor 80 meter, Tower 60 meter
  • Production 2008: 15,835 MWh
  • Total wind turbine capacity in Bornholm: 30 MW – 35 wind turbines.

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