Water supply management system for Faxe Water Supply

Every single drop counts
“It’s an incredibly versatile system and yet amazingly simple’”, says operational manager Henning Andersen at Faxe Water Supply as a conclusion after the successful installation of a Robotek solution at one of their local utilities.

The solution manages all the wells, pumps, and filters and thus provides continuous surveillance of performance and operational conditions.

“The wiring has been reduced drastically compared to what we were used to. This makes repairs and maintenance much easier and also reduces the risk of malfunctions drastically” added Henning Andersen.

BLUE CONTROL® originates from The Faxe solution, which fostered the idea of making simpler and yet more functional control panels by adopting best practice from other industries.

“The Faxe solution paved the way for much more affordable solutions, but also solutions which lift remotely controlled surveillance and operations to a much higher level. One of our technicians is actually in Bolivia at the moment and in spite of that he can monitor and operate our test facility from the other side of the globe just with an Ipad” says sales manager Bo West Jørgensen and adds “we see huge potential which is also reflected in the dialogue we have with local water supplies. Water is a scarce commodity and the plants have a real incentive to manage every single drop in a rational manner.”

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