Blue Control – systems for integrated water supply management

SCADA system for Water Supply Plants

BLUE CONTROL® provides the next generation of systems for integrated water supply management.

The concept is simple. Use standard industrial components and combine these with best practice from other domains. The result is a cheaper, yet a more flexible system is the result.

Traditionally water supply plants use control panels and interfaces which are designed, installed and configured individually. This is time-consuming. BLUE CONTROL® provides a plugin approach which enables the engineer to install and configure the system much faster.

BLUE CONTROL® provides a complete system for managing pumps, filters, valves, and other components which are used by water supply plants to deliver clean water to the end-user.

Reporting is a vital part of the concept. Therefore with BLUE CONTROL®, the performance of each component is monitored and logged. Data is processed and reports are prepared on a daily, monthly, and annual basis providing the operator with summaries and comprehensive status reports. This is the data required to make informed decisions.

Alarms and warnings are sent by SMS. The system is accessible 24/7 via an encrypted net connection using your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Combined with low installation and maintenance costs, this enables the performance to be optimised at all times.

BLUE CONTROL® is primarily developed for water plants with up to five wells and two pumping groups, but the concept is completely scalable.

BLUE CONTROL® is available in different versions
All versions enable a range of parameters to be controlled and monitored. Power units may be built internally or externally to cope with high capacity units.

The BLUE CONTROL® concept is designed to be fully scalable and bespoke versions may be designed and manufactured to match specific requirements of the plant.


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