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We manufacture substations and all types of foundations for offshore wind farms, and on each individual project, we optimise the processes in order for them to match the client’s standards for design and specifications. Whether it is substations, monopile, jacket or XL foundations we are manufacturing, we act as a sounding board offering ideas based on many years of experience and unique technical expertise.

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Ongoing project - 3 substations and 96 foundations

Three substations

In May 2016, Bladt Industries won an order for the supply of three substations for the Hornsea Project One Offshore Wind Farm – a Ørsted project. The construction contract is unique and historical, as it is the first time in Bladt Industries’ and their long-term partner Semco Maritime’s history that a contract has been signed for three substation topsides at the same time. The first phase of the project has already been initiated and the first substation will be ready for delivery by spring 2018.

Bladt Industries is responsible for the construction of steel structures for all substations, while Semco Maritime will facilitate the production of LV electrical works, including E&I,
design, onshore construction and offshore commissioning.

96 foundations

In January 2017, Ørsted awarded Bladt Industries with the contract for the construction of 96 transition pieces for the same project – each with a weight of approximately 330 tons. and a diameter of 6 metres. 56 of the transition pieces and all of the concrete platforms will be manufactured the OSB facilities in Teesside, Great Britain, while the remaining 40 transition pieces will be manufactured at Bladt Industries’ facilities in Aalborg, Denmark. Upon installation and take over, Hornsea Project One Offshore Wind Farm will be located in the North Sea approximately 120 kilometres off thecoast of Yorkshire in Great Britain.


  • Client: Ørsted
  • Contract (OSS): PC
  • Project capacity: 1,2 GW
  • Installation year: 2018
  • Weight of substations: 3 x 2,800 tons
  • Number of turbines: 174
  • Foundations by Bladt: 96
  • Weight of foundation: Approx. 330 tons
  • Country: Great Britain
  • Location: North Sea
  • Distance to shore: 120 km
  • Water depth: 23-37 metres

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