Converting Food Scraps into Biomass

Food waste and vegetable or fruit peelings are directly emptied into the BioMaster® and then converted into a homogeneous biomass. The need for additional water is minimal as the food already contains a high volume of natural liquid.

The biomass is pumped by a specially designed pump through a closed system into a Biotank. The closed system ensure that no unpleasant odours are coming from the biomass.

The biomass is transported from the biotank on a regular basis (4-6 weeks) to a biogas plant. The biomass is directly used in the biogas plant for biogas production. After finished biogas production the waste is used as fertilizer in agriculture.

BioMaster 3.0

The BioTrans® system essentially consists of one or more feeding stations, the BioMaster®, and one or more permanently installed BioTanks. The BioMaster® feeding station should, if possible, be installed in the kitchen dishwashing area. The BioMaster® is very easy to use and to clean.

The BioMaster® feeding station can be used for batch or permanent feeding: the BioMaster® Standard version is designed for batch feeding. The vegetable peel, for example, is fed into the BioMaster® feeding station with its lid open directly from the plate or by emptying a container of pre-collected peel.

When the hopper is full, the lid is closed and the batch (approx. 40 litres) is  processed and pumped into the BioTank. Process duration is approx 35 – 45 seconds.

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