Biorem specializes in in-situ soil bio-remediation. This is the process of using microbiological cultures to break up pollutants in the soil and groundwater and de-contaminate the site. This is the most sustainable and cost-effective means of treating soil contamination, as it does not involve digging polluted soil out and transporting it elsewhere. Our technology can also be used to remove contaminants from inside and under existing structures.

    Various types of soil contaminants require specific biologocal decontamination compounds to decompose. Using our propriatory technology, bio-remediation can be used to break up a wide range of pollutants, including BTEX and PAH. Before treating a contaminated site, we carry out a thorough soil pollution assessment and survey to determine the most effective bio-remediation path.

    Biorem has 12 years of experience in biological treatment of contamination, making us one of Europe’s most experienced providers of on-site biological soil remediation services. Our technology is recognized by authorities and municipalities in Denmark and other countries.

    We strive to provide our customers with the most cost-efficient method of soil remediation. Biorem also specializes in environmental consulting and assessment and mapping of contaminated sites.

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    Flemming Lau Jørgensen
    +45 40 62 73 43

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