Decentralised wastewater system under a public restaurant


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BioKube sells world class wastewater treatment systems. All international outlet requirements are met and the treated water is safe to reuse, typically for irrigation.

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A wastewater system under a public restaurant? Yes, it is possible if the technology is odour free.

In 2008, the municipality of Nonthaburi outside Bangkok installed their first own sewage treatment plant. The decentralised system treats the wastewater from the local town hall and discharges the treated wastewater to the neighbouring park, where it contributes to keeping a constant water level in a scenic lake. Since the treatment system is both noise and odour free, the city hall placed its outdoor restaurant on top of the treatment plant – so far without any complaints from the guests. This  demonstrates very well, the low level of odour and noise of the BioKube wastewater treatment process.

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