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High yield cost effective biomass pre-treatment for bio-ethanol, biochemicals & polymers. Improved fuel pellets from wood and straw. Boosting of biogas production.

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Fuel pellets with 5-10% higher heating density and better combustion characteristic. The valuable hemi-cellulosic sugar manufacture is a side product.

The BioGasol FirstSugar process converts any kind of biomass to valuable hemi-cellulosic sugar monomers and fuel pellets with superior burning characteristics. The process adds value to the biomass and manufactures CO2 neutral fuel pellets with superior storage capability. During the process impurities such as sulfur, clorine, and potashium (S, Cl, K) are removed, leading to cleaner combustion, less corrosion, reduction of ash formation, and higher ash melting point.

In short, the FirstSugar pellets permits you to maximize utilization of your existing coal fired generator, also after you repower the generator to biomass firing.

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