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BioCover is a Danish company since 2009, owned by founder and director Morten Toft.  BioCover is specialised in sustainable use of organic fertilisers (slurry) and has developed the SyreN system for application of slurry to farmland.

SyreN system uses the technique of acidification (sulphuric acid) to change ammonia (gas) to ammonium (salt) during application of slurry. This reduces the emission of ammonia with up to 70% which eliminates airborne eutrophication. At the same time the method applies the correct amount of sulphur as sulphate fertilizer.

SyreN+ system adjusts the amount of ammonium nitrogen in slurry during application through injection of anhydrous ammonia and turning it into ammonium.  Addition of nitrogen stabiliser binds the ammonium in the soil – thereby reducing eutrophication through leaching of nitrogen to the aquatic environment.

The increased efficiency of the nutrient value of the slurry and the uses of fertilizer industry raw materials direct in the consumer end, optimise slurry logistics, economy and reduce/eliminate negative environmental effects from slurry application. The solutions developed by BioCover are turning a pollution problem of global scale into a profitable fertilizing solution.

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