BIO-AQUA develops and delivers systems for treatment of air, water and waste water ranking from:


  • Intake of river and lake surface water for treatment to become potable water as per the WHO water standards
  • Treatment of domestic waste water – delivered as decentralised system from approx. 50 m3/day to several 1,000´s m3 per day with REUSE of the treated water as an important result according to the given local regulations.
  • Treatment and special focus on treatment of industrial sewage water from the food industry (dairies, slaughter houses, fruit and vegetable industry) and from the oil and gas industry, and where reuse both of the sludge as well as the water will be possible.
  • Disinfection (the tertiary treatment) by use of Ozone or electrolyses.
  • Sludge management – including dewatering by screwpress bringing the dry matter content up to approx. 20 – 30% and sludge reduction by using biochemical technologies.
  • Treatment systems for car wash stations giving possibilities to reuse the treated water and only 15 l “fresh water for last cleaning” per car wash.

The future will put more and more focus on water savings, so reuse of treated waste water becomes increasingly needed around the world.

Savings of fresh water and reuse of treated water contributes to a better environment and a better economy.

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