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Billund BioRefinery (BBR) is a resource recovery plant that integrates waste management and wastewater treatment.

BBR produces clean water, energy for the local public district heating and power grids, as well as high quality natural fertiliser for the surrounding agricultural areas. The wastewater catchment areas consist of combined and separate sewer systems and the waste comprises of sorted organic waste from households and local industries. BBR integrates wastewater treatment with anaerobic digestion and other innovative processes like Exelys™ (thermal hydrolysis)and AnitaMox™ (Anammox process). These, along with STAR™ advanced online monitoring and control system, minimises energy usage and maximises energy production and effluent quality. As a result, effluent nutrient concentrations (N, P and COD) have been reduced to a quarter of the level required by Danish legislation and the plant operates with a 200% energy surplus relative to the plant’s own consumption. BBR is a public private partnership with a payback time of 9 years and was financially supported by the Danish Eco-Innovation Programme (MUDP) and the Danish Water Sector Foundation (VTUF).

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Billund BioRefinery
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Chief Project Manager, Bjarne Bro
+45 50 85 48 18

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