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Best Green offers heat as a service, which is a new, simple and maintenance-free heating solution to private, business and municipalities in areas without district heating where current options are today limited. We purchase, install and maintain a heat pump solution at the client who thereby avoid service and maintenance costs. Instead, clients simply pay for the heating they use as well as an annual service subscription.

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The Municipality of Horsens in Denmark has an ambition to reduce the omission of CO2. Many of the buildings of the municipality do not have access to district heating and is therefore dependent on natural gas. A part of the solution is heat as a service from Best Green. Today, Best Green delivers heat as a service to 13 schools, nurseries and healthcare centers in the Municipality of Horsens.

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Cost savings and massive CO2 reduction

After one year with heat as a service from Best Green, the Municipality of Horsens achieved a cost saving of 0.5m DKK. In addition to that, the municipality is expected to achieve a reduction of 20% across all buildings of the municipality.

“In Horsens we work actively to promote the green transition and with the heating solution from Best Green we can reduce the municipality’s CO2 omission significantly. At the same time, we secure a healthy, simpler and cheaper operation of a number of heating systems.” Peter Sørensen, Mayor of the municipality of Horsens.

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