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Banke Accessory Drives

Banke Accessory Drives is a technology provider that develops and sells electric drive systems for accessories for heavy duty vehicles.

Our customers are manufacturers and builders of highly energy-consuming vehicles, municipal vehicles, crane vehicles and street sweepers.

Our strength is the development and industrialization of solutions in mechatronics and power electronics.

We are a part of the Mechatronics Cluster in Southern Denmark, and in collaboration with our partners in the cluster, we have access to the best technology and can offer the best skills.

Why we need plug-in solutions
In many European countries we see a strong political will to favour electric vehicles that can charge power from the grid. The reason is that using electricity allows us to utilize our renewable energy sources better and it benefits our energy system as a whole.

Noise and environmental nuisance caused by heavy duty vehicles can be reduced by performing the work functions electrically instead of using the truck’s engine. In the case of a refuse truck, this would mean that the diesel engine can be turned off during lift and compaction of refuse.

Electrical power take-offs on heavy duty vehicles support the goals of many cities to reduce CO2 emissions and noise levels in city centres and are therfore increasingly specified in public tenders for collection of refuse in an increasing number of Cities in the Nordic Countries and Europe.

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Rasmus Banke
+45 51510251

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