Waste-to-energy plant in Jurong Island, Singapore

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B&W Vølund is one of the world’s leading technology suppliers for converting household waste and biomass into heat and power.

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The DynaGrate® is for the first time heading to a waste-to-energy plant in Asia.
Together with Halla Energy & Environment and Hyundai-HEC Joint Venture we are building a new waste-to-energy plant for Sembcorp Ltd. The plant will be located in Sakra, an industrial area on the Jurong Island in Singapore.
“The Singapore plant is an important reference point for energy-from-waste as a cost-effective and environmental solution for the more wealthy Asian countries that can afford to process its waste properly” says Jeremy Crowley, Department manager, Licensing, B&W Vølund.

The plant
The new facility will produce approx. 197 tonnes of steam per hour using around 1,000 tonnes of industrial and commercial waste per day as fuel. The waste is collected by Sembcorp’s solid waste management operations and amounts to roughly 14% of Singapore’s total daily tonnage of waste bound for processing.

The plant will use industrial and commercial waste as fuel to produce energy in the form of steam, which will then be supplied to chemical and petrochemical companies on Jurong Island. There will be two furnace lines, which can each process 575 tonnes of waste daily.

Babcock & Wilcox Vølund will be Licensor, subcontractor, and supplier of 2 X 24 t/h DynaGrates®, Inconel clad wear zones, design of boiler, firing equipment and slag extraction.

Green goals for Singapore
“The development of our waste-to-energy plant is in line with Sembcorp’s drive to offer the best and most competitive energy solutions to our customers, while helping them reduce their carbon footprint. With the plant coming on-stream in 2016, Sembcorp will be able to meet our goal of supplying one third of our existing customers’ steam demands on Jurong Island using energy-from-waste. With this project, Sembcorp will also take the lead in supporting the efforts of the Singapore government to promote a greener, more sustainable petrochemical hub,” says Chia Hong Chuan, Vice President of Project Development at Sembcorp Industries.

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