High quality valves for waterworks

Waterworks collect water from many different locations; i.e. groundwater (aquifers), surface water (lakes and rivers), water reservoirs and even seawater (through desalination).

Regardless where the water is collected from, it must be purified before use. Water from certain areas may only require filtration and aeration whereas water from other locations may need disinfection through chlorination before use.

Water treatment is typically carried out in a plant with relatively easy access to servicing valves and other equipment. The valves are often equipped with automatic controls such as electrical or pneumatic actuators which enable remote operation and control.

AVK offers a wide range of valves and accessories in the correct material and with the approvals required for operation under the hard conditions of a water treatment plant.

​Technical Specifications

Products according to DIN, BS, AWWA, AS and JIS

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