Emergency gas fitting supply to Copenhagen

At 7 pm on Thursday 7 June 2012 AVK Syddal was contacted by the Sales Manager at AVK Danmark. The Sales Manager in Denmark had just received an emergency call from Copenhagen Energy, the utility responsible for the gas infrastructure in Denmark’s capital city.

A large DN 1100 cast iron gas main had ruptured catastrophically causing a gas escape, and Copenhagen Energy had to react immediately to control the situation. Unfortunately, that meant nearly 400,000 homes and businesses were left without a supply so it was imperative to re-connect them as quickly as possible.

On exposing and studying the damaged pipe, engineers decided that the best solution was to reduce the main down to a DN 600 in PE, and AVK Syddal was asked to provide a solution on an emergency basis.

Calling on their 130 years of collective experience of manufacturing and supplying large diameter gas fittings worldwide, AVK Syddal’s engineers designed a fitting based around the sealing system of a fabricated universal end cap for the DN 1100 end, whilst connection to the DN 600 section was by means of an extended 500 mm long body with a concentrically mounted DN 600 PN 16 flange welded at the back.

The design drawings were sent to Denmark and approved by the client at 10 am on Friday morning and fabrication started immediately. Just seven hours later, the completed fitting was loaded into a van for shipment to Copenhagen (because of customs clearance procedures, it was quicker to drive the fitting to Denmark than it was to fly it!).

By 6 pm the following evening – four hours earlier than promised – the fitting was on site; it was immediately installed and then tested successfully. The phone calls and emails of appreciation from the client and their contactors followed shortly after.

Primary contact
Michael Ramlau-Hansen

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