Upgrade of Ashton Avenue sewage pumping station

AVK recently supplied a large number of valves to the Ashton Avenue site, one of Wessex Water’s largest sewage pumping stations in the South Bristol region in England. The Wessex Water waste water collection and pumping station was originally built in the 1960 and was scheduled for refurbishment and upgrade to help reduce the risk of flooding in the local area.

Trant Construction Ltd was able to take advantage of the “one stop shop” that AVK can offer with the obvious benefits in terms of project management, material selection, administration and overall cost efficiency benefits. In turn, AVK was able to utilise the many centres of excellence and manufacturing facilities within the AVK Group in order to manufacture the products for this contract.

AVK considered all aspects of design to ensure that the best engineered solution was supplied, incorporating material selection and supply chain partners at a competitive rate. The large gate valves fitted with spur gearboxes with extension stems leading to floor mounted actuators. The gearbox selected was designed to deliver a lower operating torque to be transmitted through the extension piece. This means that a smaller and less expensive actuator can be fitted to the valves and subsequently lowers the power use and energy consumption of the product.

Innovation has always been a key factor to AVK’s success and comparisons between the original actuated valve and the new geared gate valve demonstrates the evolution in designs from the original valve to the latest AVK version. The more compact nature of the AVK valve top works demonstrates clearly the value engineering and design development that has been carried out over the years to allow AVK UK to supply a top quality product at a competitive rate. The new valves can be seen with spur gearbox and muff coupling leading to an actuator via a floor mounted pillar mounted on the roof of the building.

AVK UK supplied a large number of seated gate valves and specialist extension stems. Double acting air relief valves were also supplied, these were adapted on site to have piped outlet to suit local conditions. AVK UK’s large scope of products supplied to this project included actuated 900 mm and 200 mm square penstocks with in excess of 5 metres extension stems. In addition 2250 mm x 1500 mm 4 sided sealing stainless steel stop logs. These were manufactured specifically for this site and were used to keep the river at bay while work on the plant commenced. Once the plant was recommissioned these stop logs were abandoned.

With the potential complexity of this project, AVK was able to deliver a technically bespoke solution that encompassed savings through product choice.

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