Atkins Danmark

Atkins Danmark is part of Atkins plc, the largest multidisciplinary consultancy in Europe and the world’s eighth largest design firm. We provide multidisciplinary consultancy services within the fields of rail, energy & climate, environment, industry, oil & gas, GIS and architecture & design.

Atkins is a multinational engineering and design consultancy, providing expertise to resolve complex challenges presented by the built and natural environment. Whether it’s, the upgrade of a rail network, the modeling of a flood defense system, the improvement of a management process or the concept for a new skyscraper, we plan, design and enable solutions.

Atkins plc has 17,000 employees world-wide, more than 200 permanent offices world-wide and a turnover of £1.3 billion.

Atkins is involved in the planning, design and enabling of complex capital projects. We lead the way across a diverse range of disciplines, from architects designing the world’s tallest buildings to improving the efficiency of major public transport systems. As the problems facing our clients become more complex, the solutions delivered by Atkins become more and more innovative.

Atkins Danmarks areas of expertise include:
Rail and Transport systems
Energy & Climate
Oil & Gas
GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

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Atkins Danmark
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Eli Skop

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