Heat recovery from food production

Heat recovery with a yearly reduction of 350 tons CO2

Co2 reduction a key activity

Optimal utilization of energy in food production is a key area in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Heat recovery is a good way to ensure minimal waste and utilization of the fired power.

The challenge in heat recovery is rarely to find the hot source, but instead to find the cold source.

The best solution is to set aside the heat internally in the process. This is often difficult, as in most cases heat must be supplied at high temperatures. Excess heat is often at a temperature below 100C and thus often limited internal utilization.
Excess heat can be deposited in heating cold streams.

If it is not possible to utilze the heat internally, one can look for options for external utilization.

In Denmark, the district heating network is an excellent alternative.
This uses the heat that would otherwise have been wasted to heat houses in the local community.

Case at Orkla

Orkla at Søndersø, Denmark wanted to reclaim excess heat from production in order to reduce their Co2 footprint, this should be done without production stops and low maintenance requirements.

Due to limited internal possibilites for useage of the waste heat. It was choosen to supply the reclaimed heat within the local district heating network.

ATHCO-Engineering heat exchanger was chosen due to free flow on the fouling side hence  low pressure drop and a minimum of cleaning.

The heat exchanger is a flexible solution and possible to fit the limitations with the instalation area.

Flexbile design also leads to a high recovery rate and close temperatur approach hence reclaming as much heat as possible.

The construction which is fully welded, hence limited spare parts, leads to low maintenace requirements.

The project is fully implemented at Orkla, Søndersø, and will deliver a total of 570 households heat requirement.
The installation of the ATHCO-engineering heat exchanger will lead to a 350 tons reduction in CO2 emissions  per year.

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