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arki_lab is a young, Copenhagen-based urban design studio that was founded upon the strong ideological principle of getting closer to people through our efforts to create better cities. One of our big strengths is our interdisciplinary approach, which is extremely valuable in designing the perfect user-involvement strategy, and eventually in designing cities that are serving all of us. That is the main reason that we always collaborate with different companies and individuals ranging from researchers to big architecture firms.

At arki_lab we are ‘designing WITH people’. This means involving citizens directly in the design process through tailor-made engagement processes. We work with education through involvement, community building, and creating spatial change that benefits the users’ needs. Every process revolves around citizen involvement in as many stages as possible. We translate the needs and dreams of the citizens, activate unused spaces, and give places new life through local knowledge.

We have a special focus on young people. The youth are an untapped resource of knowledge about the city and a gateway to engaging the local community. They embody the greatest creative potential we have and can supply the architectural process with brilliant and innovative ideas. Moreover, we believe a sustainable future is only achievable through nurturing an aware, vocal generation who is sensitive to their living environment, and even more importantly, has the tools and skills to voice and act on their thoughts.

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