Smart Solar Heating Solution at ECCOs Hotel and Conference Centre in Denmark


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Advanced and innovative technology enables the hotel of the ECCO Conference Centre to be self-sustained with energy. Part of the energy supply is a unique solar heating solution which is directly connected to the booking system of the hotel. Continuous adaptation to the occupancy rate, allows the system to operate with the highest efficiency possible.

One of the main challenges when developing the solar heating solution for ECCOs Hotel & Conference Centre in Tønder, Denmark, was to make an efficient solution regardless of great changes in energy demand. On one hand the system has to be able to handle 100 guests who all wish to shower in the morning, and on the other hand the system has to stay efficient at times with only a few guests, capturing the surplus energy produced.

Challenge Solved

The challenge of managing the installation has been solved by connecting it to the booking system, so there automatically is an adequate quantity of hot water for the number of guests. On the technical side, there is just one hot water tank of 1,000 liters, which is supported by eight backup tanks of 2,000 liters each. When the occupancy rate is low, the hot water tank manages on its own, while the backup tanks will go into operation at peak load times. All the excess energy from the solar heating system, which is not used for hot water, will be distributed efficiently to serve other purposes.

Besides heating up utility water, the solar plant also provides energy for the heating system of the hotel and other buildings on the “ECCO Alléen” (ECCO Avenue). It retrieves energy from a 300 m2 collector field, which has already been prepared for a potential 50 m2 extension. The collectors are mounted on newly developed galvanized steel foundations instead of conventional concrete. To support the solar heating system on less sunny days, two 60 kW geothermal heat pumps have been installed, each with 2,500 m long earth tubes.

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