HT-HEATstore & HT-HEATboost Collectors can be Combined to Create High Performance Solutions


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Large-scale solar heating solutions for district heating, process heat and buildings with major energy requirements

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Arcon-Sunmark’s HT collector is optimized for the special requirements of large-scale systems. Based on a design with a unique foil solution, anti-reflective solar glass and a laser welded selective absorber, the HT collector offers high performance.

This is essential for providing cost-efficient energy for applications such as district heating, process heat and solar cooling. The HT solar collectors have been tested at an independent European testing institute in 2013.

Arcon-Sunmark has in-house engineering capacity and holds the expertise to configure and design systems, meeting individual requirements. Our high temperature solar collector fields can be optimized for both in-line use (HT-HEATboost) and solar energy storage (HT-HEATstore).

 Arcon-Sunmark’s HT-HEATstore

The Arcon-Sunmark HT-HEATstore solar collector has been designed to operate at high temperatures e.g. process heat, operating energy for absorption cooling as well as for district heating (requires high temperatures for storage).

A foil, mounted between the absorber and the glass, creates an insulating effect, which reduces the heat loss considerably.

A high performance laser welded absorber with an added special selective coating ensures that all sunrays are captured and transformed into heat. The absorber and foil is protected by a tempered anti-reflecting glass completing the collector casing while ensuring very high light translucency. It is possible to connect collectors in series by means of a flexible steel hose. This minimizes the pipework and results in a smooth and cost-effective installation.

By using thoroughly tested materials from European manufacturers we ensure high quality. The solar collectors are produced at our factory in Skørping, Denmark.

  • Exterior dimensions: (HxLxW) 2.27 x 5.96 x 0.14 m
  • Net area (operative): 12.60 m2
  • Weight (exclusive of liquid) 250 kg
  • Liquid content: 9.3 l
  • Max. working pressure: 10 bar

If you want to learn more about HT-HEATboost collectors or the HT-HEATstore collectors please contact Arcon-Sunmark or read more at our website


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