Arcon-Sunmark’s Steel Foundation Makes Elegance and Sustainability go Hand in Hand


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Instead of leveling the ground, and using molded concrete point foundations for the solar collectors, Arcon-Sunmark has developed a new type of foundation for mounting HT solar collectors.

Often the solar collector foundations have to be molded closely to the heat pipes in the ground, which might complicate the solutions. Arcon-Sunmark therefore decided to think new and inspired by the steel profiles used for mounting crash barriers, Arcon-Sunmark has developed the new steel foundation for mounting HT solar collectors. The steel foundation has distinct advantages, because it is cheaper than concrete, it is easier to install and the steel is easily recyclable.

Instead of thousands of square meter of concrete, the heating station will be left with recyclable steel once the installation has served its time. On top of this, the steel profiles are much easier to remove and thus the heating station actually has an added amount of savings ahead.

Technical Specifications

The steel foundation solution has a number of advantages compared to traditional concrete foundation:

  • Steel foundation can be positioned with high accuracy,
  • Steel foundation stays in the same position for many years, avoiding need for adjustment and correction of the solar collectors
  • Steel foundation makes is easy to trim the surrounding vegetation.
  • And finally steel foundation is an elegant and environmentally friendly solution.

Arcon-Sunmark’s steel foundations have proved to be a strong concept and are already used in a number of modern installations in Denmark – for example in ECCOs Hotel and Conference Centre in Denmark and Dronninglund Pit Heat Storage. If you want to learn more about steel foundation, please contact Arcon-Sunmark.

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