Waterox: Total purification of toxic industrial wastewater

A cost-effective and energy-efficient system for total destruction of toxic substances in wastewater

The prize-winning Waterox is a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for total destruction of toxic and hardly degradable substances in wastewater. The system is developed and marketed by Aquarden Technologies.

Waterox is based on the SCWO method, which stands for Supercritical Water Oxidation. The unique properties of SCWO make it an excellent medium for oxidizing even the most persistent organic pollutants as supercritical water readily dissolves organics and oxygen within seconds. The patented Waterox system is compact, modular, fully automated, and remote controlled.

Waste streams are typically industrial wastewater with hardly degradable organic and toxic components containing e.g. PAH, API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingreedients), phenols, BTEXN, hormones, endocrine disruptors, solvents, detergents, polymer, leachate etc. from industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, landfill and hospitals.

With Waterox you will get:

  • Complete elimination of organic pollutants. No dilution, but destruction!
  • One-step removal of organics, salts, and heavy metals
  • No toxic by-products
  • Fully automated processing system
  • Environment-friendly process that generates energy
  • End-result is pure water that can be sent directly to receiving waterbodies (sea, ocean, lake or rivers) or reused as process water
  • Competitive operating costs with reuse of resources

The Waterox systems are installed onsite at our clients’ premises right at the source of pollution, or at local cleaning stations.

Waterox was awarded with the prestigious European Business Award for the Environment 2016-2017, which is given to a new and innovative product that significantly contributes to a sustainable development.

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