Reuse of industrial wastewater at a low cost


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Aquaporin is a global cleantech company with a ground-breaking biotechnology to separate and purify water from all other compounds based on Nature’s own (biomimetic) technology: Aquaporin Inside™

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As a result of water scarcity, many industries today are under increasing pressure from consumers, regulators and investors to shift towards a more sustainable use of water.

One of the strategies is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), in which all wastewater is cleaned and reused within a factory. ZLD strategies for minimizing waste streams are already possible but extremely resource consuming. By using forward osmosis, a very high quality of extracted water can be obtained, while energy use, capital costs, and waste streams are kept at a low.

The company Forward Water Technologies has developed an industrial wastewater treatment pilot plant, which uses Aquaporin Inside® forward osmosis membranes to clean and recycle water. And they have experienced a reduction in waste output of 60-70% with this system.

The pilot plant is currently operating with streams from oil & gas production. However, the learnings from this application can be transferred to other industries – e.g. the textile industry which is one of the most water consuming and polluting industries.

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