Forward osmosis membranes for difficult wastewater streams


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Aquaporin is a global cleantech company with a ground-breaking biotechnology to separate and purify water from all other compounds based on Nature’s own (biomimetic) technology: Aquaporin Inside™

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In this solution a high osmolarity draw solution, such as brine, is used in combination with the 1st generation Aquaporin Inside™ membrane to up-concentrate aqueous solutions in a forward osmosis process. Aqueous solutions of commercial interest include:

  • Difficult wastewater streams, where the FO concentration process can reduce volumes of difficult wastewater streams containing for example high TDS or high urea
  • Pharmaceutical and biological product solutions, where the FO concentration process can concentrate delicate products at a lower energy cost without applying heat or mechanical stress
  • Liquid foodstuffs, where the FO concentration process concentrates foodstuffs without heat-induced loss of vitamins and flavors

For more information see the Aquamembrane Youtube channel.

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