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Aquaporin is a global cleantech company with a ground-breaking biotechnology to separate and purify water from all other compounds based on Nature’s own (biomimetic) technology: Aquaporin Inside™. With our Aquaporin Inside™ technology we develop and produce reverse osmosis (RO) and forward osmosis (FO) membranes with revolutionizing capabilities. Our Reverse Osmosis membranes have up to 50 % higher water flow compared to conventional high-end brands. In residential and commercial water treatment, this enables great water savings by increasing recovery rates – without compromising on rejection or energy consumption. Furthermore, you can reach higher capacity levels without increasing element sizes. Our Aquaporin Inside™ Brackish Water RO membrane allows significant energy savings and enable capacity increase of existing plants. This is possible due to the 50 % higher water flow compared to conventional BWRO membranes. Forward osmosis is a blue ocean market where the Aquaporin Inside™ membrane technology offers outstanding rejection rates of all compounds. With this technology, you can reach new levels of what we know as clean water with simple membrane treatment. FO technology is ideal for concentration of valuable compounds, ZLD (zero liquid discharge), pre-treatment to RO, and more. Join the revolution! Visit our website here.

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