A beneficial solution for places without drinkable tapwater

Hot bathing water and drinking water from the same system: WaterStillar Wall.


Your tap water is most likely not clean enough for drinking. That is why the bottled water industry is a booming business with 1 million bottles sold every minute. And growing.

Your tap water may still be good enough for drinking – but in most tap waters micro plastics, pesticides, heavy metals, salts, bacteria, vira, medicine, natural contaminants and chemicals etc is detected. Thousands of contaminants can be found and no one knows how they affect our bodies, even in small doses and in combination with each other. Quite scary.

If you have your own well, borehole or use surface water/rain water as your water supply, you will most likely not know what is in the water (it requires deep insight and lots of testing on a running basis).


The solution is to clean your water. At least the portion you drink.

Today bottled water and small filters dominates. Bottled water is not clean (!) and pollutes in more than one way. Small filters are fine, but has restrictions in effectiveness over time and needs constant replacements.

Our solution is distillation in combination with activated carbon.

Our design is a combination of a water heater and a distiller. It will live where your old water heater is today and you will have a special tap in your kitchen for ultra clean drinking water.


  • Clean: We claim that WaterStillar is the cleanest water possible.
  • Free: There is no extra energy cost
  • Safe: What ever may be in your water, will be eliminated. Not reduced, eliminated.
  • Hidden: WaterStillar Wall lives out of sight
  • Quiet: No noise
  • Maintenance: It has automated flushing, but will need descaling like a coffee machine
  • Sterile: Unlike all other technologies, we promise sterile water in all lifetime
  • Lifetime: Decades.
  • Monitored: You can control your Wall from an app and future software releases is done over the air.
  • Minerals: If you want, simply place a flow through mineral cartridge before the tap.


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