Reliable water for your valuable garden, pool and household or resort

With seawater as your source you will never run out or miss a water delivery.

Reliable supply source
With 96.5 % of the planet’s water found in the sea, the sea water is a resource that never runs out. By using available seawater (or highly brackish water) as your private reliable water supply you will be independent of drought or carted water.
Drinking water and general purpose fresh water will be available whenever you want it, so you will no longer have to worry about running out of water or missing a delivery. The AqSep Watermarker unit simply keeps filling the storage tank.

AqSep comes out of the industrial business environment where 24/7 operation is essential. The chosen solutions and choice of material reflects this. Pump, recovery device and related components are in duplex/super duplex steel which are not damaged by the prolonged exposure to seawater.

Negligible environmental impact
As AqSep Watermakers are capable of running from a single-phase supply at below 1 kW, the total amount of energy used can be supplied by solar panels. Thus, you can avoid using fossil fuel to run the system and can install it in rural areas without mains electricity. Unlike big city plants, only small amounts of low concentration reject returns to the sea at the same location, thus making it possible for the environment to absorb the returned salt.

Less expensive than tanked water
The main operational costs is the electricity required to run the system. With the use of integrated energy recovery, and highly efficient axial piston pumps, the specific energy consumption can be as low as 2.4 kW per m³ (9.1 kW per 1000 gallon).

At an estimated water price of 1.2 EUR per m³ (5.1 USD per 1000 gallon) for a system running at full capacity it is cheaper than tanking water. Including capital cost, a price below 2 EUR per m³ (8.4 USD per 1000 gallon) is achievable.

Freshwater capacity starts at 4 m³ (1058 gallon) per day.

Automatic control
An AqSep Watermaker will handle daily production automatically so you do not need to supervise on a daily basis. This includes flushing of membranes for prolonged lifetime and no adjustments needed with varying salinity.

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