ANDRITZ is a major player in supplying and supporting wood pellet producers all over the world and holds a share of more than 50% of the biomass fuel market as well as the wood grinding market, which supplies wood powder stations. The amount of CO2 neutral fuel produced on equipment from ANDRITZ replaces almost three million tons of oil and gas per year.

ANDRITZ designs solutions based on highly advanced key machinery for wood grinding and pelleting, inclusive of chippers and dryers for the processing of wet and/or green wood prior to the pelleting process. Compression by means of biomass pelleting provides a substantial density increase. By converting wood chips into compressed wood pellets, the increase in density typically corresponds to a rise from 150 kg/m3 to 650 kg/cm3, which generates significant transport, storage and handling savings as well as various other environmental advantages.

ANDRITZ a unique company with the ability to manufacture and supply each and every keyprocessing machine in the pellet production line. Our concept is simple and effective. We strive to be a “one-stop” all-round supplier for all pelleting needs. Our packages are customized to suit specific requirements, whether it be know-how, engineering, individual machines, complete processing lines or spare parts and service.

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