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By Tine Voight, April 30, 2013

Aluminium offshore

Aluwind is the leading manufacturer of aluminum components and platforms for the wind industry and have now brought aluminium to a place where it can fully shine.

 With a newly signed agreement between Bladt Industries A/S and Aluwind A/S, 108 concrete platforms will be shipped from Bladt in Aalborg, to East Irish Sea, equipped with aluminum railings, signs and brackets.

The agreement is a part of Dong Energy and ScottishPower Renewables’ development of the offshore wind park West of Duddon Sands; all installed with Siemens 3.6MW Turbines.


“Aluwind has previously manufactured temporary covers, mark plates and railings for both met masts and working platforms, but with this agreement, Aluwind has a chance to really show the many benefits aluminium provides in an offshore construction, already from the design and construction phase” says CEO Henrik Jacobsen.


By using aluminium for West of Duddon Sands, a more innovative and functional design could be created, and savings can be seen in connection with needless maintenance, paint and repairs on both the concrete platforms, as well as the aluminium.


About Aluwind

With locations in Denmark, USA and China, more than 15 years of experience are positioned close to the large wind energy markets, assuring delivery of low weight, high quality aluminium components designed for the offshore wind industry.



For more information on the offshore products of Aluwind, please contact Sales Director, Ole Rasmussen

Mobile no. +4520195612 – [email protected]

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