With more than 20 years of experience in designing and producing alumininum components and structures for wind turbines, Aluwind has 100% focus on the wind energy industry and its requirements for durable and lightweight products, flexible and cost-efficient production, and reliable deliveries.

Aluwind has production and sales locations in Europe, North America and Asia – on the spot in the major wind energy markets. Each of our locations is established as a full-service unit, including full production scope, design and sales functions.

As we have the same production equipment, management system, quality system, ERP systems etc. at all our production and sales locations, you can be sure that, wherever we work for you, the result is the same: on-time delivery, high-quality components and structures.

Our state-of-the-art production units are all optimized to high-quality and efficient production of aluminium components for wind turbines. Our highly skilled workforce meets the wind industry’s demands for certification, quality assurance, delivery precision and flexibility.

We offer a wide range of logistical solutions, such as  preassembly, kitting, expediting and other relevant services to our customers.

Our business process systems and quality management systems are ISO 9001 certified and our track record in terms of quality and delivery precision is unsurpassed.

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