Temporary walls and building enclosures
    Altiflex is a innovative high performance system of temporary walls, partitions and building eclosure for buildings under construction or renovation. The system consists of energy-saving modules that are adjustable in size, are wind and waterproof, protect against theft and make the use of security railings superfluous.

    Altiflex weather and edge protection system effectively seals doors, windows, walls and facades during construction. The system consists of flexible window and door modules, which are made of aluminium and semi-transparent breakproof plastic. Each element can be adjusted by 25 cm in both height and width and can be put together in all imaginable sizes to seal any size of hole. The modules are insulating and 99.9% wind and rainproof. Altiflex system improves sustainability by reducing CO2 emission and waste disposal.

    Altiflex speeds up the building process and can provide heating-savings of up to 50%. Use the modules both as security railings, to seal doors and windows and also to create partition walls, dust walls, temporary stockrooms etc. They are quick to assemble and Altiflex can present a very interesting case for potential customers (equipment rental companies and construction companies).

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