8 meter high laser sun columns installed in parking lot

The Danish municipality of Roskilde set up 4 Laser Sun solar cell columns in a parking lot.

In January 2017, Roskilde Municipality set up 4 Laser Sun solar cell columns in a parking lot at the Athletics Club “Hellas.”

The Roskilde Municipality has chosen to place 4 pcs. of 8 meter, high self-sufficient solar cell columns as an alternative to traditional lighting.

The columns are equipped with motion sensors that reduce the light down to 10% when there is no traffic in the lot. This solution is a so-called Plug n ‘Play solution, where everything is delivered ready-to-install from the factory. The battery box with a 2,4 KWh battery capacity is located underground close to the column.

The Laser Sun column is build around around a cylindrical Ø159 galvanized steel column. 6 solar panels with a total power of 264Wp are installed vertically with two strings of 3 panels. One string is facing southeast and one string is facing southwest.

The LED luminaire is of the type Siteco SL10 Mini which has a brightness of 3800 lumens at the maximum level.

The Laser Sun solar cell column has the advantage that it is extra robust as it is based on a galvanized steel column. This makes it particularly suitable for installation in parking lots. Read more about the Laser Sun product here.



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