Fincoil HMP

HMP air heaters are suitable for heating of industrial halls, warehouses, garages, cash and carry shops and also for store entrances. Heat transfer medium is water. By providing the air heaters with air cone, they are suitable for jet-shaped air distribution in high ceiling rooms. Maximum operating temperature is 150 °C and pressure 10 bar.

​Technical specifications


Heat transfer section is made of an efficient finned coil with copper tubes and aluminium fins. Water flow direction is marked on tube connections. Air heater is provided with venting screws.


HMP air heater has a low profile, the casing is made of easily cleanable PVC-coated hot dip galvanized steel, colour white. Tube connections for HMP are made from the side and electric connections directly to motor from outside. Mounting on ceiling, on the wall or above of the drop ceiling. HMP is provided with mounting rails for helping the assembling e.g. directly on the ceiling or on the wall.

Fan motors

Air heaters HMP are equipped with axial fan units in two sizes (40 and 50) with different fan speeds to achieve suitable heating capacity, air flow and sound levels (HMP-40: 700, 900 & 1400 rpm, HMP-50: 700, 900, 1150 & 1400 rpm). The fan motors are two-speed motors, fitted with pre-wired thermal protections (except model HMP-40-4). Protection class IP44 for HMP 40 range, IP54 for HMP 50 range.


Long air throw is achieved by providing the air heater with an air cone K-40/50. The material of the air cone is the same as the casing material. Service and installation instruction manual is delivered with air heater.

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