Producing Rainbow Trout with low environmental impact (Hallundbæk Dambrug)

Hallundbæk Dambrug is an sustainable fish farm making use of recirculation aquaculture technology (RAS). The system makes it possible to produce rainbow trout with a low environmental impact and a small consumption of new water. Discharge water from the farm is filtered and the sludge is deposited and used for biogas or fertilizer on agricultural land. The reject water is treated in a plant lagoon for removal of nitrate.

The system can be designed to produce any volume of farmed fish almost anywhere in the world.


  • Water recirculation: >96%
  • Water consumption: 500 L per kg fish produced per year
  • Water exchange in tanks: 1 time per hour
  • Feed conversion rate (FCR): 0.8 – 1.1
  • System components: Sludge traps, Mechanical Drumfilter, Biofilter, Aeration
  • Waste water treatment: Flocculation, Sedimentation, Plant Lagoon 1440 m2/100 ton feed


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